February 2nd, 2006

fad (fd)

A fashion that is taken up with great

enthusiasm for a brief period of time;

a craze.

So there I was, balls deep in the bowels of a funny picture and video website when I stumbled upon a little video clip of Chuck Norris. It was in a continuous loop and only a few seconds long before it looped and was a video of tough ol’ Chuck driving with some girl in a car, and suddenly, almost without warning, karate chopping that chick in the neck. I swear to god I almost pissed myself laughing. Actually, come to think of it, I may have dribbled a bit, but it was all cool cause it dried really fast. The heat in my house is way high. So, after watching the video on probably it’s 200th loop or so, the itty bitty gears in my skull started to spin and my mind started taking those weird tangents that it always seems to take when I think about something too long. I thought first of that scene. What the hell caused made Chucky-poo so angry that’d he hit that girl. WITH HIS DREADED AND DEADLY KA-RA-TE CHEEEOPP NO LESS!! Seriously, that’s heavy shit. The karate chop from Chuck Norris’ hand is like a…ummm, well lets just say its very, very bad. Nothing good could ever come from that beastly attack of doom. So then I started to think about the clip itself. Who actually went out and found this clip? I mean unless they knew it existed, which is probably not the case, they probably went through a ton of video from Walker, Texas Ranger to find a really funny scene that would make people chuckle. THEN, I though of why they decided to go out and find this scene to make people chuckle. I’ll admit that random images of Chuck Norris acting tough is funny for some reason, but why didn’t they pick the Hamburgler or Captain kangaroo footage to go through (which would be equally funny IMO). So I started to search for more Sensei Charles Norris on the web. Sure enough….I found no less than 3,030,000 hits for his name. HOLY SHIT! THREE MILLION!!! After looking at some of the sites and getting a nice hardy chuckle from most (I say most because a few were actual gay-ass fan sites where people were getting pissed off at the insultuous Chuck trends lately [I just made up insultuous I think…BTW, you will get that a lot from me. I figure if I said a made up word and you got the idea of what I said, then it must be a real word…fuck Webster. He’s a pompous dick. A very pompumous dick, indeed.]). So then I started to think to myself…holy doody, Chuck Norris comedy has become a fad! Then I got sad. And I cried tears of uber unhappiness. Just like all fads, it will soon come to an end. The Reign of Chuck being funny will no longer be cool soon. I apparently jumped on the band wagon while the Chuck fad is already in full steam, which in my hated of mainstream way of thinking, means that I really can’t partake in the fun of researching funny Chuck shit cause everyone else has pretty much found all the good stuff and it soon gonna be over-done, kind of like…



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